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Could a pill cure diabetes? A U of A researcher is working on it
Bev Betkowski
Jan 03, 2024

A simple pill to treat or even cure diabetes could be possible, thanks to University of Alberta research — and funding that is laying vital groundwork.

The tragic deaths of Stephen and Minnie Harvey
Amanda Borys
Dec 20, 2023

Sometimes graves give us more questions than answers. One such case is that of Stephen Osbourne Harv

Antipsychotics may offer an option to treat diabetes
Adrianna McPherson
Feb 09, 2023

Researchers have found that a class of older antipsychotic drugs could be a promising new therapeuti

The beauty of annuals
Deborah Maier
Mar 28, 2022

Even though frost is still in the ground and snowfall anticipated, April brings visions of summer co