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Time after time after time
Barbara Ellis
May 03, 2023

I was standing in front of my microwave, watching my cup going round and round and wishing it would take less time to heat my coffee.

Age discrimination is rampant
Jeff Rubin
Apr 13, 2023

Whether you’re 8 or 88, age is one of the first things we notice when observing other people. Howeve

Rebuilding Notre Dame Cathedral
Barbara Ellis
Feb 01, 2023

Recently I watched a documentary about the rebuilding of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Hard to beli

Here comes 2023, and another New Year
Barbara Ellis
Jan 05, 2023

Hard to believe, but here we go again, stepping into the unknown. Is it just me or are these New Yea

A stronger, healthier you
Larry Mathieson
Jan 31, 2022

Let’s Make 2022 the year for a stronger, healthier you! This is the first sentence in our informatio