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Senior Support in Alberta

Empowering seniors to live their best lives through a series of programs and services.

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Kerby Centre and Veiner Centre offer a diverse range of programs designed to support generations 50+.

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I love the staff and the atmosphere. I feel comfortable and safe here. The people are friendly, and they feel like family. This is my second home and I'd come here seven days a week if it was open.”

– Unison Member 

I want to thank the staff who supported me during my stay at the Elder Abuse Shelter. I want to express my immense appreciation for their kindness, generosity, and patience. Because of them, I was able to return to the community with a newfound confidence to take care of myself. Their kindness and positivity provided me with hope for the future and made my stay at the shelter a much better experience. I am so happy to have met them, even under the circumstances.” 

- Former Elder Abuse Shelter client

I think volunteering has made a difference to my life. It’s nice that the work here at [Unison] has a lot more meaning for me than other volunteer jobs I’ve had. It’s nice to know the work is helping people. I really like working in Thrive and I love talking to all the staff, volunteers, and the clients. Also, one good change is that it's an active position so I’m getting more activity than before. I think I’m also sleeping better!"

- Katherine

How I started is I met some seniors in an ESL language class I was taking here at [Unison]. I had just moved to Calgary. Those seniors were so lovely, I still stay in touch with a few of them. I planned to start volunteering after that class and since then have tried a few things. Volunteering at [Unison]has helped me. I have much better communication with people. I volunteer in the office right now and I have better typing skills! I suggest volunteering is the best way to get knowledge when you are new."

– Lee

[The Grief] group is my lifeline. Any time I come here I feel much better when I leave, no matter how  unpleasant my day has been. I am grateful to Unison for creating this group. It feels like family”

– C.G., Grief Group participant 

Thank you for offering the online classes. I can get out of bed, have my tea, quickly change and I’m right there for my exercise programs. It is so wonderful! This helps me stay safe in my own home, avoids 1.5 hours on the transit system. I feel I do so much better in the class as I am totally present and not getting distracted by others. I feel I am really in better shape, toning and “ getting stronger as a result. Again, thank you so much!

– Active Aging Client

I am so very thankful for all that you do. You have been doing my taxes for so many years. I live alone here. You have lovely tax preparers who call me every year and do it for me.”  

– Janice, Tax Clinic client

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