Join our Volunteer Family and become a part of our Unison Community

By volunteering at Unison we will provide you with volunteer opportunities where you will learn new skills, build connections with others, and help the community at the same time.

Whether you want to volunteer once a month or every day, the perfect volunteer job is waiting for you!

At Unison we love our volunteers, and we couldn’t continue to support older adults the way we do without their help!

Our volunteers make us who we are!

They are the heart of our Centre and of our Unison Community.

Please see below for Kerby Centre and Veiner Centre Volunteer information and contacts. 

Our Volunteers at a Glance


Volunteers engaged with Unison


Meal deliveries made to isolated and vulnerable seniors in 2021


Volunteer hours contributed in 2021

Our Volunteers pivoted during the pandemic moving out into the community despite personal health concerns

Between 2020 and 2021 volunteers helped Unison to establish several new programs including a new meal delivery program, food rescue program, mask making and delivering, social call program, virtual programming, rapid testing, and sidewalk seniors – to name a few.

Volunteer at Unison at Kerby Centre in Calgary

Got another idea for your group? We want to hear it!

Please contact Catriona, our Volunteer Coordinator, to discuss and book your group volunteer opportunities with Kerby Centre.

Phone: (403) 234-6570

Email: [email protected]


Volunteer at Veiner Centre in Medicine Hat

By volunteering at Veiner Centre, you will learn new skills, have tons of fun, and help the community at the same time.

All current volunteer opportunities are listed at: Please contact Angela to discuss and book your individual or group volunteer opportunities with Veiner Centre.

Phone: (403) 529-8384

Email: [email protected]

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Volunteer Spotlight



This month’s vital volunteer is Cherill Rosenau. Since April of 2023, she has been volunteering as a receptionist for the Active Aging department, which offers a variety of programs, activities, and trips to help keep adults over the age of 50 healthy in mind and body.

Cherill began volunteering because she “felt it was time to give back to our amazing community,” and she keeps coming back for “our customers, volunteers, and staff.”

Cherill says she “loves meeting the needs … of all our customers” and is “loving the action” in her role. That fantastic attitude is contagious and uplifts everyone around her.

Outside of volunteering, Cherill keeps active. Her favorite hobbies are “jazzercise, golfing, and holidaying.” In fact, her family’s favorite vacation is going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, “where the weather is always consistent with lows of 17 and highs of 27.” Well now, that sure does sound inviting—as Calgarians dive into the snow season!
So far, Cherill has contributed over 114 hours.

Thank-you, Cherill, for all you do for the Unison at Kerby Centre!

Veiner Centre Volunteer Spotlight of the Nov-1


Carrie has been a volunteer at the Veiner Centre for eight years, working at our reception desk and newly driving for Veiner Vintage Transport. She wanted to become a volunteer to help others in the community and meet new people. At the end of the day, she goes home with a smile on her face hoping she made a difference in someone’s day. 

If Carrie had the chance to travel it would be to Ireland and The Scottish Highlands to witness the beauty in person and visiting all the castles. A true dream trip! If she won a million dollars, her plan would be to upgrade her home and figure out a way to assist as many people as she could. Carrie enjoys listening to 70’s and 80’s music, a little classical for relaxation and some Mexican and Indian music to laugh and dance too. During down time Auatar is the show she enjoys watching. Along with volunteering, Carrie’s hobbies are painting, photography and traveling to new areas close by. A little exploring is a great way to spend the weekends. 

We want to thank Carrie for all her years of volunteering and being part of Unison at Veiner Centre. If you don’t see her at the reception desk, you may just see her at Strathcona Centre, participating in one of our many fitness classes. This lady loves to keep busy!

Thank you to our Partners and Supporters

Unison at Kerby Centre helps seniors live their best lives. We could not do this without the help of our generous supporters who make our volunteer program possible.