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A grief-stricken statue sits on a pedestal in the dark.


Grief By Andrew McCutcheon In telling all the stories from our half-century of existence, I’ve...
A building with benches and a sign that says unison, showcasing How We Adapt.

How We Adapt 

How We Adapt  By Andrew McCutcheon Throughout history, the one thing that’s kept humanity moving...
An older woman in a black dress with a necklace, sitting at a board meeting.

Chatting with the Board 

Chatting with the Board  By Andrew McCutcheon We’re working on a story a week, every...
An active aging woman in a red shirt is standing in front of an archery target.

Active Aging with Axes   

Active Aging with Axes  By Andrew McCutcheon For the past few years, we’ve been doing...
A woman sitting at a desk in front of a computer in facilities.

A roof over our heads 

A Roof over our Heads  By Andrew McCutcheon  Every week I remind readers in each...
When Kerby Met Veiner, a group of men sitting at a table in a cafeteria.

When Kerby Met Veiner

When Kerby Met Veiner by Andrew McCutcheon Reverend George Kerby and former Medicine Hat Mayor...
Active Aging Week Flyer

Active Aging Week at Unison at Kerby Centre

Active Aging Week at Unison at Kerby Centre Spend National Active Aging Week with Unison...
A man is golfing.

Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament by Andrew McCutcheon In 50 years of history, Kerby Centre has hosted a...

Patricia Allen (Part 2)

Patricia Allen (Part 2) by Andrew McCutcheon Last week, we started our story about Patricia...

Patricia Allen (Part 1)

Patricia Allen (Part 1) by Andrew McCutcheon “Nothing about us, without us”  Fifty years is...

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