Bringing Seniors to the Heart of Community

Unison Heart Pin

Unison at Kerby Centre is excited launch its "The Heart of Community Campaign" to remind the world that seniors are the beating heart of our community.

We've partnered with a talented Calgary artist, Olga Sem, to create a truly special and exclusive pin with Unison's signature teal color, symbolizing our brand, with a touch of golden sparkle that represents the golden age and our commitment to helping seniors shine and live their best lives. Crafted with the finest Canadian materials, this pin is not only stylish but also hypoallergenic and safe for your health.

By purchasing a pin, you're helping us welcome more seniors into our supportive community. This pin will be available for only a year as we celebrate our 50th anniversary!

Unison thrives on three pillars: our clients, volunteers, and supporters.

As a token of our appreciation, we're offering this beautiful pin for $25 to our dedicated supporters, highlighting their valuable impact. We want our supporters to wear this pin with pride, signifying their contribution to the Unison community and their deep commitment to our cause. With each pin, they're sharing a "small piece of their heart" in everything we do. Join us in making a difference – one pin at a time. 

Unison at Kerby Centre was featured on Global TV regarding "The Heart of Community" campaign which aims to remind the world that seniors are the beating heart of our community. Click here to watch the FULL feature!

The Meaning of the Heart Pins

Unison Heart Pin

These hearts, adorned with golden sparkles, symbolize the cherished golden age of the individuals we have the privilege to serve. They represent the illumination brought into the lives of seniors—illuminating their journey towards graceful aging, fostering a sense of belonging, and dispelling feelings of loneliness. Moreover, they signify the act of generously offering a piece of your own affection when supporting our seniors, adding a touch of your love to brighten their days. 


The Meaning of the Heart Pins

About Unison

A building with benches and a sign that says unison, showcasing How We Adapt.

We’ve been helping seniors for half a century at Unison at Kerby Centre. We support older adults in southern Alberta, providing wellness and active aging programs, food security, as well as North America’s first Elder Abuse Shelter. Our four main directions of helping seniors are: fighting food insecurity, the Unison elder abuse shelter, Active Aging Programs and Wellness Connection Centre to help improve mental health and wellness. 

About the Artist

Olga Sem is an Internationally known masks Designer and Artisan. She is the CEO of Olga's International Trade, founder of the Masks International Show, producer of the Vizard Show, and co-author of the book Vizard: The Beginning. She is also Ukrainian, but emigrated to Canada long time ago, and now has become a local artist.