A Legacy of Safety; The History of Unison’s Elder Abuse Shelter

Recreational, dining, and kitchen area

A Legacy of Safety; The History of Unison’s Elder Abuse Shelter by Andrew McCutcheon Kerby Centre has a lot of accomplishments under our belt in our storied 50 year history.  When we ask the question “what is the Kerby Centre?” beyond just a building, we might think of some of these incredible accomplishments.  But what…

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Elder Abuse

Happy Senior Couple Enjoying hot pots In Restaurant

Elder Abuse Outreach and Shelter Elder Abuse is any action or inaction by a person in a trusting relationship that causes harm and distress to an older adult within the scope of emotional, financial, medication, physical, and sexual abuse or neglect.Elder Abuse Response Team (EART)The Elder Abuse Response Team (EART) was established in 2011 as…

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The Heart of Community

Bringing Seniors to the Heart of Community Unison at Kerby Centre is excited launch its “The Heart of Community Campaign” to remind the world that seniors are the beating heart of our community. We’ve partnered with a talented Calgary artist, Olga Sem, to create a truly special and exclusive pin with Unison’s signature teal color,…

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Equivalent Exchange 

Equivalent Exchange By Andrew McCutcheon You can’t get something from nothing. That’s just a law of the universe.   Put more scientifically, I suppose, you’d be talking about the first law of Thermodynamics: energy cannot be created or destroyed, merely change forms.  But simply, it just means you can’t get something from nothing. There’s always an…

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Chatting with the Board 

An older woman in a black dress with a necklace, sitting at a board meeting.

Our Board is a diverse and incredible group of folks who ensure Kerby Centre and Unison are always looking towards a bright future, one of them being Jacquelyn Poetker. A long-time social worker, advocate, volunteer and academic in the field of gerontology!

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A roof over our heads 

A woman sitting at a desk in front of a computer in facilities.

Every week I remind readers in each new story about our final goal: trying to answer the question: “What is Kerby Centre?” I often say it’s more than just four walls and a roof. But when it comes to -30 or even -40 degree Calgary winters, having four walls and a roof is pretty darn important.

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Kerby Centre Timeline

A group of senior people playing snooker

For every one of our major milestones, the Kerby Centre and Kerby News has put together a massive timeline of the biggest and most important historical events that have occurred, every single year we’ve been open.

To honour that tradition, here is the official Kerby Centre Timeline, updated for our 50th anniversary!

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Threads of Fate 

A focused pic of threads in a needle

Threads of Fate  by Andrew McCutcheon This is a special story.  It’s about two people — Wally and Larysa — who are connected. By what, I can’t exactly say.  Call it whatever you want: coincidence, fate, happenstance. But Wally and Larysa have a connection drawn between the two of them like an errant piece of…

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MH: Donate

Senior woman sending love

Unison at Veiner Centre: Donate Today Help for the Holidays Give seniors a hand up this holiday season!The holiday season is a time of warmth, togetherness, and joy for many of us. However, for countless seniors in our community, it can be a stark reminder of the daily challenges they face. This holiday season we will…

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