Unison: Increasing food security for seniors.

We’re reintroducing ourselves as Unison, Generations 50+.

Our new name has a lot of meaning behind it: Unison means togetherness, working cooperatively and united for a common goal. 

But what is that goal? We talk a lot about mission statements, values and visions, but what do these complex ideas mean when it comes to the actual, tangible work that we do? 

Let’s take one of our biggest programs as an example: our work with ensuring food security for seniors in our communities. 

In the simplest of terms: we are keeping hungry people fed. 

Unison makes sure that we are out in our communities, boots-on-the-ground, making sure that healthy, nutritious and delicious food is making its way onto the plates of seniors. 

To reach as many people as possible in as many different ways, we’ve kept ourselves busy innovating and working hard at the problem. Part of the reason we’re reintroducing ourselves is that so much of what we do now — as Unison — embodies these ideas of unity, togetherness and spreading our mission to as many places and venues as possible. 

Our Grocery Delivery program has made sure low-income or mobility challenged seniors had full pantries and folks doing wellness visits for years, and has only expanded post-pandemic. 

Meals on Wheels at Veiner Centre in Medicine Hat delivers fresh and delicious food to struggling seniors on the daily. 

Unison’s Community Kitchen at Kerby Centre gets seniors involved in making meals that make their way to the homes of vulnerable folks all while engaging them socially and having fun. 

And one of our most popular and impactful programs in Calgary is our Unison Food Markets: sourcing donations from local businesses and organizations, and getting everything from milk and bread to pre-made sandwiches and snacks into the hands of people in our communities — free of charge. 

Hunger might be a complex problem to tackle, but Unison’s mission is to be out in our communities — every single day — making sure that we can prevent hunger and ensure seniors don’t go hungry.  

Unison means togetherness, being united and working as one. And with the help of our sponsors, donors, volunteers and so much more — we are able to make an incredible impact in the lives of seniors every single day.