Unison means coming together — and where would we be without our community?

Unison, Generations 50+ has a storied history at our various locations about the incredible work we do, the services we offer and the fun we have. However, none of this would be possible without our amazing community of volunteers.

Our volunteers truly are amazing. So many people give the most important gift they possibly can: the gift of their time and presence.

We have so many volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. Whether it’s the retiree that wants to give back to their community now that they have extra free time, or the corporate team who comes in for a massive project, every single minute that volunteers give to us is precious.

We can’t thank or put into words the appreciation we have for our volunteer community. Without you, meals would not get delivered, programs could not be facilitated and the seniors of Alberta would feel a huge void in their lives.

Just in Calgary, over 36,000 volunteer hours were contributed in 2021 alone. What an outstanding figure!  We are so proud of every single one of those hard-earned and freely given hours.

It feels good to do good. If you’re interested in volunteering at one of our Unison locations, you can contact Angela Dunn in Medicine Hat at 403-529-8384 or at Kerby Centre in Calgary by calling 403-234-6570.

Make a difference, learn new skills and become part of an incredible community: volunteer with Unison, Generations 50+ today!