Board Of Directors

Unison is a charitable organization with programs and services in Calgary and Medicine Hat, Alberta. The Annual General Meeting takes place in the spring. Any member in good standing may run for positions on the Board.

Richard Parker BW

Richard Parker, Chair

Hi, I am Richard Parker, the Board Chair of Unison at Kerby Centre. I became involved with Kerby Centre in 2009 following my retirement from the City of Calgary. As a board member since 2015, I have great admiration for the Kerby Centre staff and the many volunteers who donate their time and skills to helping Calgary’s seniors.

In my role as Chair, I look forward to seeking opportunities for all of Unison to collaborate with other agencies and to explore new uses for technology, creative approaches to the funding of services, and opportunities for intergenerational activities.

I would like to introduce you to the Unison (Kerby Assembly) Board of Directors. To do so I asked them each the question, “Why do you want to be on the Board?”

Hank Heerema, Past Chair

I took early retirement from Esso in 1991 and became involved in Unison (then just called Kerby Centre) as a volunteer, that same year, working on the travel desk organizing trips for seniors. I quickly became involved with the computer and network needs at the Centre.

I have served on the Board of directors for many years as a director, treasurer, vice president, president, and now past president. Next year, I will have volunteered at Kerby Centre for 30 years. I am honoured that the computer classroom that I put in place was dedicated to me as Hank’s Room. I have served with pleasure and know the Centre has been, and continues to be, a great organization, serving the needs of Calgary’s senior population, of which I am a member.

Hank Herema BW
Jacquelyn Poetker BW

Jacquelyn Poetker, Secretary

As a retired gerontological social worker and educator with a focus on the issues of the older person, I look for opportunities to advocate for and support older adults. Most important to me is assuring that each of us has the information and support we need to always be at the center of our decision-making. As a Board Member I am very proud of Unison’s varied programs, support and outreach that do that and much, much more. 

Kenneth Lin, Treasurer

I was born and raised in Calgary and the Kerby Centre is an integral part of the fabric of this city. I joined the Board so I could contribute to the sustainability of this vibrant community that services so many folks in our amazing city.

Kenneth Lin BW

Deborah Durda, Director

What Unison offers the aging community is what ultimately spurred my request to join the Board.  I wish to offer my support as a Human Resources professional, but also relish the ability to grow with a community support group that I believe in and will use myself as I get wiser with age.

Gordon (Gord) Nott, Director

My busy and active life would be incomplete without my deep love for my family, my church, caring for others, the great outdoors and music. Following a 34 year career in telecommunications and 10 gratifying years working with challenged adults, I have devoted my 18 years of retirement time to volunteering and serving on numerous committees to help ensure older adults in our community enjoy the very best lifestyle as they are able. I look forward to representing Medicine Hat on the Unison (Kerby Assembly) Board as it will bring additional opportunities to support and provide a fulfilling and vibrant “Home Away from Home” for our seniors community at the Veiner Centre.

Gordon Nott BW
Peter Molzan BW

Peter Molzan, Director

I have been a volunteer at the Kerby Centre for over 10 years, and over that time period I have helped in many different positions. By far, the most enjoyable is working at the Membership Desk where I have the opportunity to speak with many of the people that make use of the Kerby Centre. I also hear some of their concerns and I want to be able to bring some of those to the Boards’ attention so that the members of the Unison get the attention and have access to the programs that they want.  Unison is a fantastic organization and I really want to make sure that it continues to help and serve the needs of Alberta seniors well into the future.

Jenna Naylor, Director

Maintaining an active and engaged lifestyle throughout the life course is so important, and Unison helps individuals achieve this by creating a welcoming space for everyone. I am very excited to be joining a board that has such a strong reputation in the community and I look forward to helping the organization thrive as members' expectations and desires continue to evolve  

Jenna Naylor BW
Marianne Rogerson BW

Marianne Rogerson, Director

I joined Kerby Centre in 2002 as a volunteer assisting in the Adult Day Support Program. Later I joined the Centre of Excellent and assisted in projects studying resilience and long-term care. The exposure to issues relevant to older adults spurred me to pursue a Ph.D. focusing on gerontology. Joining Unisons (Kerby Assembly) board of directors feels like returning home. Although much has changed over the years, Unison’s commitment to the welfare of members and the Alberta community is as strong today as it was 20 years ago. As a new Board member, I have many interests, but one of my passions is housing. Where we live, how safe we feel, and the services we can access are important issues for everyone.

I look forward to working with Unison members, staff, directors, and the community over the next 2 years.

Gail Lai, Director

I am a corporate tax and technology lawyer and have over 15 years of board experience, having volunteered with many Calgary non-profit organizations in the pastI am thrilled to be a member of the board of directors of UnisonThis is a dynamic organization doing innovative work in its food security programs, promotion of diversity and ground breaking partnerships, and I look forward to contributing to the vital work that Unison is doing in Alberta. 

Gail Lai BW

*Please note our board members are all volunteers, and no payments for products or services are exchanged.