Unison is here to improve the lives of Seniors

We do this through our growing set of programs and services. We support generations 50+ to maintain a healthy lifestyle with healthy food, physical activity, courses and classes, and access to trusted information resources.    

Thrive Food Security Programs

Food is one of the most important and vital needs to be met in our communities. Unison’s Thrive program aims to combat hunger through a variety of projects and initiatives. 


Senior citizen calling cleaning services

Wellness Programs

Unison’s Wellness programs aim to support the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of older adults. Mental health is vital to full body health, and a healthy mind will set up an individual for success in their daily life. 

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Information Resources

Currently only available in Calgary at the Kerby Centre, our Information Resources Team provides support with navigating benefits & pensions, seniors housing, legal help, and tax preparation.  

Getting older is complicated; finding the information you need to navigate it shouldn’t be.  

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Senior asian couple signing a contract

Elder Abuse Supports

Unison is working towards building a safer community for Seniors. Abuse doesn't stop as we get older, but how you access resources does. We are continually working to provide more supports and resources.  

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Active Aging Programs

Our programs, classes, courses, drop-in activities, events and presentations are all geared towards building a sense of community and fighting isolation. As we work to continue providing fun and interesting in-person activities, we are now starting to develop and expand our reach online.