Support Seniors through a Partnership

How do we support those who supported and guided us as we grew up?

To maintain our current programs, support and the continued growth of our developing family, we need you! We need our community, corporate organizations and government to help us meet the needs of an ever-growing senior population in Canada.  

Don’t have a specific project in mind but still want to build a strong and healthy seniors’ community?  

Here are some of our current programs you can support: 

  • Adult Day Programs  
  • Unison Elder Abuse Shelter  
  • Elder Abuse Response Team (EART) – A collaboration between carya, Kerby Centre, and the Calgary Police Service. 
  • Thrive Food Security Programs – Free Food Markets, Grocery delivery program and supportive visits. 
  • Senior Social Connection Programs
  • Free Education Programs  
  • Free Online Presentations
  • Facility Upkeep 
  • Information Resources
  • Volunteer Programs

Here is how you can help us grow our community: 

  • Development of new education, physical fitness, mental health, and food security programs .
  • Expansion of Unison's reach across not only Calgary and Medicine Hat but Southern Alberta 


Types of Partnerships

Donation Relationships


By supporting Unison, you make it possible for us to continue to support local seniors in need. You directly help us provide the services, programs, and initiatives to seniors to help them live well in a community setting.


Sponsor Relationships


By sponsoring a Unison program, initiative or event, you help support seniors to live well in a community setting. In turn, we are honoured to recognize you for helping support our mission. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to showcase our sponsors and would be thrilled to discuss any number of opportunities, big or small.

Collaborative Relationships


Did you know partnerships are one of the key goals in our strategic plan? We are always open to working and collaborating with others to help support the seniors in our community.

Start a Conversation

Please contact Danielle Murphy, Director of Business Development, to explore your options in supporting seniors in your community or across Alberta. 

Phone (403) 705-3253

Email: [email protected]