Veiner Vintage Transport - Medicine Hat

A low cost transportation service for adults 50+ in Medicine Hat and surrounding area

Welcome to the Veiner Vintage Transport Program. The program is designed to provide transportation to members of our aging community and assist in reducing isolation by increasing access to the community, remaining within the home and supporting opportunities to engage in activities. The Veiner Vintage Transport relies on the generosity of volunteers and their gifts of time, goodwill, and fellowship to ensure that riders can safely attend appointments, meetings, and Veiner Centre activities.

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How do I Sign Up to be a Rider?

To become a rider with the Veiner Vintage Transport program, please visit us at Veiner Centre to register and buy your ride passes. Your first ride is free, so give us a call at 403-525-8657 to set up a date and time!

Cost and Payment

There is a nominal cost for the Veiner Vintage Transport program. Riders below the $20,000 per year threshold are required to pay $5 per ride and those over pay $10 per ride. Pass cards can be pre-purchased upon approval of acceptance into the program. Volunteers are not authorized to accept payment, gifts, tips or personal items from riders, their family members, or individuals that may accompany them. Additionally, riders, their family members and our volunteers are not permitted to engage in financial affairs, business dealings or any relationship that may result in personal, professional or financial benefit.

How do I Become a Volunteer Driver?

Veiner Vintage Transport is a volunteer-based service for generations 50+ in Medicine Hat and surrounding area.

Drivers will provide rides 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday.

Unison in Medicine Hat is based out of Veiner and Strathcona Centres. We provide programs, services, and activities for generations 50+ in the Medicine Hat and surrounding area.

As a Driver Volunteer you...

  • receive 50% off memberships
  • are reimbursed .20$/km
  • receive FREE Mint SmartWash memberships

Contact Tammy at (403) 525-8657 or [email protected]

Contact Info

Contact our Transportation Facilitator at (403) 525-8657 for more details.

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