Golf Tournament

by Andrew McCutcheon

In 50 years of history, Kerby Centre has hosted a lot of fundraising events. 

And I mean a lot. 

As a not-for-profit, we have to get creative with ensuring we have the money and resources to fulfill our mission to the best of our ability.  

While private and corporate donations, as well as a large chunk of change from every level of government, all assist in incredible ways, we’re always looking to increase our own capacity to help seniors live their best lives. 

So, we get creative! 

Going through the archives of Kerby Centre photos, I’ve seen a lot of the common ones: dinners or luncheons held to raise money, maybe with a show or activity. 

I’ve also seen some more offbeat ideas: clowning performances, fashion shows and even an event themed as an African excursion. 

The decorations for that last one pulled a lot of weight in turning our gym into something you’d see along the Congo. 

And although this author holds out against hope that one day, we might host another Kerby Derby, like we did in the early 2000s, there’s a current reigning champ. 

When it comes to awesome events that promote and support our services, there’s nothing like the Unison Calgary Charity Classic. You can’t go wrong with golf! 

For three years running, we’ve had hundreds of people come out to the amazing Sirocco Golf Course for a day of games, food and fun! This year’s was held just recently on Sept. 7, and the weather was beyond perfect! 

The mercury read 18, it was warm in the sun and cool in the shade and nary a breeze to be felt! 

We had golfers of all skill levels there, from seasoned pros to… less seasoned folks. 

But! It was more about having a great time while assisting our Seniors Supports programming. If you want to learn more about what they do, check out this awesome article we’ve written previously right here. 

The eventual winning team was Team Mawer; congratulations on the excellent playing to Jeff, Jordan, Jorin and Devin! 

The longest drive for men and women, respectively, was won by Quintin Butcher and Colleen Carol. Our longest putt game was won by Dave Rolle and our longest drive of a marshmallow was achieved by Glenn Martin! 

We also had a $2,500 WestJet Gift Card Raffle held that day, in honour of our big anniversary, and we’re so pleased to say it was won by Iris S! Iris is 80 years old and has been a member at Kerby Centre for over a decade: we can’t wait to hear what exciting trip she goes on! 

All in all, we raised over $75,000 for our programming in one single day. Every dollar goes to ensuring we can do our absolute best when it comes to serving seniors. And every single person helps contribute to making Kerby Centre what it is. 

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