How We Adapt 

By Andrew McCutcheon

Throughout history, the one thing that’s kept humanity moving in a positive direction is our adaptability. 

No matter how difficult the situation gets, we manage to find a way to persist. 

This is no truer than for the Kerby Centre. We’ve had to adapt and change a ton in the past 50 years of our existence, and even more in the past few years. 

If everything changes with the times, how can we truly answer the question of what Kerby Centre is? Over the next 50 years, things will change more, as the need for our services grows. 

What stays constant in a world of change? 

When I’ve interviewed and written stories about all the incredible people throughout history that have helped make our dreams a reality, they’ve gone through so much. 

They’ve barred their souls to me about their hopes and dreams, their triumphs and challenges. 

I think it’s only fair I write a bit of honest truth about one person that’s been present in all these stories but who’s never had to bare a bit of themselves. 

That’s me. 

I hope it’s not too self-indulgent. 

I could talk a bit about myself, answering the same questions I often ask others. Where I was born? Fort McMurray, Alberta. What did my parents do? Mom was a nurse, dad worked for Canada Post, so we moved around a ton. 

Family? I have a wonderful spouse, and three incredible pets. Hobbies? You get the idea. 

But when we talk about adaptability? My own triumphs and challenges? I’m going to have to get a bit more vulnerable, in the same way I’ve asked others. 

There was a period of my life that was very difficult. I don’t want to turn this into a diary entry, but I will say that in 2019, I was recovering from hard times. New starts are never easy; doubly so when you’re in the process of bouncing back. 

I had a couple job interviews, but nothing came back from them. Until I sat down with the folks at the Kerby Centre. 

I’d like to say I wowed them with my charm and knowledge, but personally: I feel like I bombed it. I didn’t have great references for the past few years, but what I did have was a passion and a desire for a second chance. 

I will always feel beyond blessed that this organization took a chance on me. They asked if I was interested. Of course: I said yes. 

Since then, so much has happened. COVID-19 struck not four months into my new job. Everything changed and I was in the eye of a hurricane. But there was never a single day I didn’t throw myself into what we did, what I knew we were capable of doing. 

I wanted to help people like the Kerby Centre helped me. And I’ll always be thankful I’ve had the chance to do that. 

Because the honest truth is, I sincerely and truly believe in the Kerby Centre. Because they believed in me. 

When we ask the question of, what is constant with change? When the world changes around us in so many incredible ways, what do we have to rely on? 

What I’ve come to learn through meeting all of the incredible people and learning their stories is: we always have each other. 

So even though this story is about me, the truth is and always has been: my story is about all of you. 

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