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Navigating the Final Chapter: End-of-life Pre-planning, Online Presentation

When: Wednesday, July 31st | 1pm - 2pm

Where: Online via ZOOM

Cost: FREE

Contact: HeatherD@UnisonAlberta.com

Join us for a transformative session on end-of-life preplanning. This presentation will cover meaningful subject matter that will empower you to live vibrantly today while securing a legacy for tomorrow. 

Speaker: Author Andrea Cox

Andrea Cox is an End-of-Life Preplanning Coach, Author, and CEO of Preplan First. With over 8 years of experience, she is dedicated to transforming how we approach and discuss end-of-life planning. Based in Calgary, Andrea published her influential book "Final Departure, Embracing Your Farewell: A Guide to Leaving a Lasting Legacy" in March 2022. This step-by-step guide and workbook provides families with crucial guidance today for the future.

Through her workshops and personalized coaching, Andrea helps adult children with aging parents and seniors navigate the complexities of preplanning, fostering meaningful conversations and ensuring lasting legacies. Her compassionate approach offers clarity and peace, embracing life's final chapter with preparedness and grace.

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