Unison At Kerby Centre: Seniors Supports

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Navigating the world of bureaucracy, applications and documents can be tough. Let Unison’s Seniors Supports department assist you when you feel lost in paperwork!

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Unison at Kerby Centre offers consultation and referrals on all aspects of senior housing in the Calgary region, including: 

  • Not-for-profit housing
  • Subsidized apartments 
  • Condo or life lease lodges 
  • Personal care homes 
  • Private supportive living
  • Designated supportive living
  • Care centres 

We also offer: 

  • Assistance in completing housing forms – a Commissioner for Oaths is available to witness housing document 
  • A bulletin board to post listings for shared accommodation or rental units 
  • Kerby Coffee & Conversation: Housing for seniors, hosted on the second Tuesday of each month, from 10:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. at the Kerby Cafe
  • Discuss the process for finding affordable housing and get answers to questions that you might have in a relaxed atmosphere! 
  • FREE – Registration not required  

Call (403) 705-3246 or email at SeniorSupports@unisonalberta.com to book an appointment. 

Benefits and pensions

  • Information and assistance with government services and benefits applications 
  • CPP, OAS, GIS, ASB, AISH, Special Needs Assistance  
  • Fair entry  
  • Community referrals  

Call (403) 705-3246 or email at SeniorSupports@unisonalberta.com to book an appointment.

Legal help

We offer free 20 minute legal advice sessions by phone conducted with volunteer lawyers. 

Call (403) 705-3246 or email at SeniorSupports@unisonalberta.com for more information.

Unison free tax clinic

Unison’s annual tax clinic at Kerby Centre is a perfect way for low-income seniors to receive assistance filing their taxes. 

  • We offer flexible methods during our tax clinic, including in-person or virtual appointments, as well as the ability to drop off your tax documents to be completed 
  • Eligibility includes Seniors that are 55+ and AISH clients, with an income limit of $35,000 per year for an individual or $45,000 combined income per year for a couple 
  • We do not prepare tax returns for self-employment, business/rental income, capital gains/losses or bankruptcy 

Call (403) 705-3246 or email at SeniorSupports@unisonalberta.com to book an appointment.

“I am so very thankful for all that you do. You have been doing my taxes for so many years. I live alone here. I do not have a computer. My phone is only for calling and texting. No data. I am so grateful; I can do my tax filing over the phone. You have lovely tax preparers who call me every year and do it for me. I have asthma and had only one vaccine. I am scared to go out and get sick.”  - Janice

Free Will Clinic for low-Income seniors

Eligibility for our Free Will Clinic for low-income seniors includes the following:  

  • For an individual, <$35,000, for a couple, less than $45,000 annually
  • No dependent adult children
  • No foreign property
  • Assets equally less than $65,000 

 Call (403) 705-3246 or email at SeniorSupports@unisonalberta.com to book an appointment.

Thank you to our Partners and Supporters

Unison at Kerby Centre helps seniors live their best lives. We could not do this without the help of our generous supporters who make our Tax Clinic possible. THANK YOU!