What Can You Find In The Kerby Centre Building?

What is in the building, and where?

Food is one of the most important and vital needs to be met in our communities. Unison’s Thrive program aims to combat hunger through a variety of projects and initiatives. 

Main Level (2nd floor)

Our main level is the gateway to Unison at Kerby Centre.

  • Reception
  • Community Pantry (down the hall from reception)
  • The Lounge (multi-purpose room)
  • Room 203: Wise Owl Boutique
  • Room 205: Lecture Room
  • Room 206: Seniors Supports (prev. Information Department)
  • Room 212: Volunteer Department

Upper Level (3rd floor)

The upper level is our Active Aging, Thrive, and Wellness level.

  • Room 304: Thrive Office
  • Room 306: Active Aging, Kerby Travel and Membership Services
  • Room 317: Wellness Connection Centre
  • Room 318: Fitness Studio (Fit Room)

You will also find classrooms for in-person classes and non-gym-related activities.

Lower Level (1st floor)

Our Lower Level houses our Café and our Woodworking shop.

Auditorium (Gymnasium)

Our auditorium (gymnasium) is wheelchair and walker accessible from street level.

Via the stairs, the event centre is accessible from the lower level, main level, and upper level.

Our auditorium is where you will find drop-in programs like dancing, badminton, and pickleball.