Unison at Kerby Centre: Adult Day Program

Providing support

The Unison Adult Day Program (ADP) is designed for adults over the age of 41 years who are living with health challenges and cannot safely stay on their own without support.  

This program also provides valuable respite to our client’s care providers by offering programming from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. by registered or licensed nurses and health care aides.  

The ADP programming is focused on promoting wellness by providing stimulating activities in a healthy, safe, and supportive environment while providing respite to care providers. 

Our wellness team is committed to:

  • Helping older adults live in the community for as long as possible with a high quality of life
  • Guiding individuals through adaptive physical exercises and cognitive activities for brain health
  • Providing health monitoring and daily care needs including medication management, toileting, and nutrition
  • Providing opportunities for social interactions, building relationships, and remaining connected to others 
  • Improving or maintaining a healthy sense of self-esteem and individuality 
  • Fostering independence and encouraging decision-making
  • Providing opportunities for learning and growth with presentations, guest speakers and visitors


The screening and referrals process is completed by an Alberta Health Services (AHS) Case Manager.  

The screening and referrals process includes assessing suitability for ADP as well as providing information about the unique health, social and care needs of the individual.  

Once assessed as meeting the mandate of AHS, the individual is put on a centralized waitlist for intake.