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George William Kerby

Kerby Family History Part 1

Kerby Family History Part 1 by Andrew McCutcheon We’re still on our weekly mission to...
Robbie Burns Day attendees enjoying a meal with MP Greg McLean serving them

Robbie Burns Day

Robbie Burns Day by Andrew McCutcheon Unison’s Kerby Centre held a fantastic event for Robbie...
A picture of the elderly couple speaking with the consultant

FREE Tax Clinic for Seniors

Income tax volunteers are available to help fill in tax returns for seniors 55+ and...
Unison at Kerby Centre goes to IFly


IFly by Andrew McCutcheon Seniors lined up to try IFly In 50 years of Kerby...
A long shot of the Origins of the center building

Origins of the Centre

Origins of the Centre by Andrew McCutcheon Kerby Centre 50 years ago Kerby Centre is...
Woodshop at Kerby Centre with John Gagnon


Woodshop by Andrew McCutcheon John Gagnon from Unison at Kerby Centre Woodshop John Gagnon is...
Kerby Centre Building


Introduction by Andrew McCutcheon Where do we begin.  At the start is where most folks...
A sticky note with a note Jobs pinned to the cardboard

Position: Board Members

Kerby Centre Seeks Board Members Kerby Centre is part of Unison-Generations 50+ a renowned organization...
A person holding the elderly woman hand and caressing

Unison: Working together to create a better way.

Unison means working together to create a better way. As an organization, we are working...

Unison: coming together — even when it’s difficult.

Unison means coming together — even when it’s difficult. There are times when coming together...