Introducing Unison’s “The Heart of Community Pins” – an initiative to remind that seniors are the beating heart of our community.

In collaboration with a gifted Calgary artist, we’ve created an exquisite, exclusive pin featuring Unison’s iconic teal hue intertwined with a golden sparkle, symbolizing the richness of the golden age and our dedicated support to illuminate seniors’ lives. Meticulously crafted from premium Canadian materials, this pin is a one-of-a-kind treasure, reserved solely for passionate Unison supporters to proudly display.

By purchasing a pin, you’re helping us welcome more seniors into our supportive community. This pin will be available for only a year as we celebrate our 50th anniversary!

Unison thrives on three pillars: our clients, volunteers, and supporters.

As a token of our appreciation, we’re offering this beautiful pin for $25 to our dedicated supporters, highlighting their valuable impact. We want our supporters to wear this pin with pride, signifying their contribution to the Unison community and their deep commitment to our cause. With each pin, they’re sharing a “small piece of their heart” in everything we do. Join us in making a difference – one pin at a time. 

Purchase a Heart Pin by clicking the link!